Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

Trik Gartis Luna 2013

Ini Toll direct yang orang-orang semua cari.
Langsung aja download Toolnya disini

Dicoba satu-sata saja bro. Biar Matep Speednya.
Beda Tempat Beda Rasa

Saya masih punya Injekan yg ada 22 Host.
Kalo minat Follow Twitter saya :D
Kalo Enggak yaa gak masalah :D

Trik Gartis Internet Indosat Juli 2013

Post ini akan membagikan sedikit cara agar bisa Internet Gratis menggunakan kartu Ijo.
Gabungkan Tool di bawah dengan Ultrasurf atau SSH.

nengkene nek meh download aplikasine

Trik Gratis Telkomsel Juli 2013

Post sederhana ini akan membagikan Trik Gratis Internet dari Agnes.
ini beberap SS IDM dari Modem 3,6 Prolink

Saya saranin kartunya sudah eror e99 biar kecepatan Qosnya up to 7,2 Mbps atau cari Alternatif lain menggunkan modem super cepat
Download File nengkene

Rabu, 03 April 2013


Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication, or body language, is used everywhere in the world, because it is a very powerful means of communication, and communicates much more than spoken words.

One example of nonverbal communication is what occurs between parents and child. When parents smile at their child, they communicate love, acceptable, and reassurance. The child feels comfortable and safe because the smile signifies approval; as the result, he is happy and well adjusted.

Another example of nonverbal communication is the image a person shows in public. While a woman is walking alone on an unfamiliar and possibly dangerous, she wants to appear confident and walks quickly. Although she may be tired, she walks with her shoulders, head held high and eyes are focused straight ahead. While someone is looking at her, she returns the glance without hesitation. In contrast, a nervous woman appears afraid, and walks slowly with her shoulder and eyes down.

Indeed, body language can express more than spoken language; for example, merely by raising an eyebrow, clenching a jaw, or softening the eyes, a person can express disapproval, anger, or love, so it is a very strong method of communication.


Equal Rights for Woman

Russian women started to gain equality earlier than women in the United States. In the former Soviet Union, men and women had access to equal education and job opportunities because that reflected the Soviet philosophy. The 1937 Soviet constitution declared that women and men had equal rights and responsibilities after women joined the workforce. Since millions of Russian men were away in the military during World War II, so Russian women filled their places at work. Although Soviet women worked full time at their jobs, they also had the primary responsibility for taking care of the family. When they finished their work, they had to shop, cook the evening meal, and perhaps wash, iron, or mend the family’s clothes. As soon as U.S women started to demonstrate that, they could do their work of men during World War II.

Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Digimon Xros Wars Download

Bagi yang suka Anime, khususnya Digimon, tepatnya Xros Wars saya postingkan Laman Download sederhana ini :)

Episode 1 | Episode 2
Episode 3 | Episode 4
Episode 5 | Episode 6
Episode 7

Pass : XrosHeart

Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Compound Sentence


Pekalongan is one of cities in Central Java; moreover, it is one of culture cities in Indonesia. The culture from this city is “Batik”, so Pekalongan is called as Batik City. There is a museum in central city which presents many kind of batik. These are not only batik from Pekalongan; but also, all batik from entire Indonesia here. Even though this city has a quality batik and popular as Batik City; still, many people include students don’t know about batik and understand how to make batik. It is so pity. Then, the government decided to add batik drawing in school; accordingly, batik is still existing and not extinct. From now, we should conserve Batik as our national culture; otherwise, it wil be claimed by other countries, because batik is a unique artwork. Beside Batik, Pekalongan also has special food. It is “Megono” or usually called “Sego Megono”. Sego Megono is actually traditional food at village, because the ingredients to make it just rice and young jackfruit; however, it has high price to add people’s income. Since “Sego Megono” had been popular; as a result, it was adopted to be special food from Pekalongan. Its taste is tasty. “Sego Megono” usually is served for breakfast and dinner